Brooksby Village Residents Enjoy the Advantages of a Caring Community

Written by Sara Martin
May 5, 2021

Not long after Craig and Jan McLanahan moved to Brooksby Village in August 2017, Craig was running the vacuum in the couple's apartment when he accidentally sucked up the emergency pull cord. "The security team called right away to see if we had a problem," says Craig, a retired professor at Salem State University. "That was my first example of a quick response, which was very encouraging."

Brooksby Village in Peabody, Mass., managed by Erickson Senior Living, offers an experience like no other. Every interaction between staff and residents, no matter how small, is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Personalized attention and support, along with proactive and innovative approaches to customer service, create memorable experiences for residents every day.

Array of resources

The size and scale of Brooksby's resources was a key factor in Craig and Jan's decision to move to the Peabody community.

“We looked at a half dozen places, at least, all the way down from Southern New Hampshire to Needham [Mass.],” says Craig. “We swept the whole coast. Brooksby was the largest community we visited and had the most horsepower. Its resources were much greater.”

Jan, also a retired college professor who taught at North Shore Community College, was drawn to the scope of activities and amenities. “I looked through [Brooksby's] monthly calendar of activities and saw it was 17 pages long,” she says. “Every other place we visited had only two or three pages of activities each month.”

Brooksby, as one of 20 communities managed by Erickson Senior Living, has the support, resources, and financial strength to bring the best services to residents for the greatest value. “We recognize that creating value for residents comes first, by understanding their needs and expectations, and then doing everything possible to exceed service opportunities,” says Executive Director Tracie Bettano.

Exemplary customer service

For Craig and Jan, exemplary customer service can be said of departments across the community. “I can't say enough about our security team,” says Craig, who currently serves as the general services liaison the Resident Advisory Council.

“Both of our cars have push button starts. If we don't turn them off properly and leave the accessory switch on inside the car, it runs the battery down. We've done that a time or two, and all I have to do is call security. They jumpstart the car, and we're back in business.”

The couple says dining services is another area where they receive outstanding service. “The staff is well-trained, thoughtful, and easy to talk to,” he says. “Those interactions, particularly with the students who work in dining services, are ones we really enjoy.”

In a time when good health is at the uppermost in people's minds, Brooksby's on-site medical center offers an integrated health and wellness system to keep residents safe and healthy.

Jean McGurk moved to Brooksby from Westport, Conn., in 2019. Family was the primary consideration in her decision to move to Brooksby Village, as three of her six children live within 15 miles of the Peabody community. Now that she's been at Brooksby for a year and a half, Jean says she wishes she would have moved sooner, for all the services and amenities offered conveniently on campus.

“I woke up recently with an eye infection,” she says. “I called the medical center and made an appointment. I caught the campus shuttle at 10:30 in the morning, saw the doctor at 10:45, then picked up my prescription at the on-site CVS Pharmacy®. I caught the shuttle back to my building and was back in my apartment by 11:20. Where else can you have a medical visit run so smoothly?”

Early vaccine access

That efficiency extends to the community's pandemic response. By early March, more than 96% of Brooksby residents had received vaccines.

“Thanks to our partnership with CVS/Omnicare, we were able to secure a timely procurement of COVID-19 vaccines and coordinate the process of administering them to residents and staff,” says Bettano. “I'm grateful as always to our amazing team who creates experiences like our vaccine clinics and who uses their talents and efforts in ways big and small to enrich the lives of our residents.”

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