Brooksby Village Collects Items for Haven From Hunger

November 14, 2012

 The Annual Turkey Trot will take Place On Friday, November 16 at 11am

Peabody, MA - Hundreds of people who live and work at Brooksby Village and one large turkey will participate in the annual Turkey Trot at Brooksby Village on Friday, November 16 at 11am.

Over the last few weeks, people donated canned goods and other food donations and both will be presented to Haven From Hunger before the walk at 11am.  Then walkers will walk a mile around the campus. 

 "This is an annual event so it's nice to see everyone turn out year after year to help Haven From Hunger," said Stefanie Fuller, Fitness Specialist, Brooksby Village.   "We collected cases full of canned goods so we hope to collect even more this year."

 If you would like to cover the walk at 11am or the presentation of the food donations, please call Dani Baldassare at 978/536-7905.

Brooksby Village has three large clubhouses featuring an on-site medical center, staffed by full-time doctors, five restaurants, two convenience stores, two beauty parlors, a TV studio, a swimming pool, activity rooms, classrooms, game rooms and even two branches of a bank.  Residents also have the opportunity to take part in hundreds of different clubs and activities.  The community, home to more than 1900 people, also has its own Interfaith Chapel on campus that serves as the physical foundation for a strong faith-based community.