$1700 Raised for Brooksby Village Scholarship Fund At Family Feud Event

April 10, 2013

Peabody, MA -- People who live at Brooksby Village teamed up with students who work there to play Family Feud to help raise money for the Brooksby Village Scholarship Fund. More than 240 people attended the event and $1700 was raised.
Eighteen residents and 22 of the 39 Brooksby Village scholars were mixed into eight teams of five people each.
John and Sue Evans, Andrew Zucco, Leah Bolduc and Kim Jones were named Brooksby Village Family Feud Champions!

This fall 39 local students working at Brooksby Village will be heading to college and for some, continuing on with their college/trade school education with financial help thanks to The Brooksby Village Scholarship Fund, which is for student employees who plan to attend a college or accredited trade school beginning this fall. Students become eligible for the Brooksby Village Scholarship by completing 1000 hours of work here over a consecutive 2-year period.
High school seniors will receive a total of $5,000 over the next four years of College. The money will be dispersed directly to their school in $625-per-semester increments, for a maximum of eight semesters or four years. The second option is for college freshman students who meet the scholarship eligibility. They will receive a total of $3,750 over the next three years of college. The money will be dispersed to their school in $625 per semester increments for a maximum of six semesters or three years.
All proceeds from tickets sales went towards the Brooksby Village Scholarship Fund.
Brooksby Village has three large clubhouses featuring an on-site medical center, staffed by full-time doctors, five restaurants, two convenience stores, two beauty parlors, a TV studio, a swimming pool, activity rooms, classrooms, game rooms and even two branches of a bank.  Residents also have the opportunity to take part in hundreds of different clubs and activities.  The community, home to more than 1900 people, also has its own Interfaith Chapel on campus that serves as the physical foundation for a strong faith-based community.