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Winter is a Great Time to Move to Ann's Choice

November 2, 2020

Winter is just around the corner. While many of us hunker down and wait for the spring tulips to bloom, savvy seniors are already planning their moves to a new home. There are many smart, money-saving reasons to move in the winter. Here are just a few reasons why now is a good time to move to Ann's Choice, an Erickson Living-managed community in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Less competition means lower stress -- Summer is the busiest time in the moving industry. On average, 60% of relocations occur in June, July, and August. High volume means that drivers and movers can be in short supply, potentially leading to delays in the delivery of your furnishings. That can add even more worry to an already-stressful situation. However, as the summer rush ends, moving companies and van lines have greater capacity and more flexibility. You'll have your choice of moving dates and are more likely to receive your goods on time. Need to pack on Friday and load on Monday? No problem. And if the weather is inclement on your move date, the movers may be able to accommodate a last-minute change, so your furnishings arrive dry and on time.

Less competition means lower moving costs -- As you might imagine, a busier season means higher prices. It's as simple as supply and demand: More people want to move in summer, so the van lines can charge what the market will bear. However, in winter, when fewer people move, movers need to fill their trucks. While many factors influence the final cost of a move, you can assume that prices will come down, often as much as 15 percent. Even if your new home isn't ready, most moving van companies offer storage at a very reasonable cost. They will professionally pack and store your goods and deliver them as soon as you're ready. Lower seasonal pricing more than makes up for the cost of temporary storage, so you'll come out ahead financially while you wait for the keys.

Less competition means serious buyers and solid offers -- There is a common misperception that people don't want to buy a home when temperatures are cold and weather conditions are uncertain. They believe that waiting till spring is best, but in reality, selling your home during winter has many benefits. Again, the law of supply and demand applies here. Typically there are fewer homes on the market, so you're competing against fewer sellers. You're likely to attract only serious, motivated buyers instead of the "lookie-loos" who come out in spring. And it often happens that sellers get higher sales prices because buyers who need to move have fewer options. All of this works to your advantage. If you'd like to understand your home's value and a survey of competing houses in your area, Ann's Choice's Personal Moving Consultant Lisa Sicilia works with preferred real estate agents in the local community and is happy to connect prospective residents to these experienced professionals as they think about selling their current house.

Less maintenance means more living -- You can trade in home maintenance— checking your furnace, shoveling snow, clearing gutters, sealing air leaks, preventing frozen pipes—for a vibrant, worry-free lifestyle at Ann's Choice.  All maintenance is done for you. Buildings are connected by indoor walkways, so you'll never have to venture out into the cold. Transportation to shopping and appointments can be provided for you. And you'll be surrounded by friendly, welcoming neighbors, beautiful amenities, and a full schedule of things to do every single day.

Don't let another winter keep you stuck at home longing for spring. Instead, make this the year you begin living in a joy-filled community like Ann's Choice that offers safety, security, and an abundance of enriching activities. Take the next step toward vibrant senior living by requesting your free brochure today.