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'Why We Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Ann's Choice'

Jill Dutton
April 11, 2024
Ann's Choice residents

Everyone has a vision of what the ideal retirement looks like. At Ann's Choice, the Erickson Senior Living community in Bucks County, Pa., residents can design the experience that's right for them, thanks to the abundance of amenities and resources on campus. 

Maintenance-free, accessible apartment homes; a wide range of activities; and peace of mind were among the top reasons why Ann's Choice was the perfect fit for Patrick and Susan Hoy. 

"Moving to Ann's Choice was the greatest gift we could give ourselves and our children," says Susan. 

Recently, Susan spoke with the Tribune to share their experience and help others make their retirement dreams a reality.

Tribune: What led you to consider Ann's Choice? 

Susan: Patrick has neuropathy, which made our three-level house increasingly difficult for him. Then, when I got a questionable medical evaluation--which turned out to be nothing serious--it made me think about our future and the care we might need. 

Ann's Choice was already on our radar, due to the on-site care, the size of the campus, and all the activities. So, we decided to join the Priority List to learn more and try out the amenities. Membership also secured our place in line for an apartment home. 

Another perk was that every building is connected via indoor walkways. Patrick can take his electric wheelchair and go anywhere. It's incredibly easy for him to get around!

Tribune: What prompted you to make the move?

Susan: We knew that Ann's Choice was the place for us, so one day I sat down with Patrick and said, "We need to start thinking seriously about planning a move to Ann's Choice." 

The very next day, out of the blue, a sales counselor called us and said, "We have a nice apartment home that you might want to look at." It felt like divine intervention, you know?

It was a first-floor apartment home with a patio overlooking the courtyard. We have a lovely little Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Lily, so the patio access was a plus. When we first saw the apartment home, it was being completely renovated, so we moved into a brand-new place with beautiful colors! It was just wonderful.

Tribune: How has your apartment home improved your life?

Susan: It's completely maintenance-free. It's wonderful to know that if I need a light bulb replaced or a leaky faucet fixed, all I need to do is make a call to General Services and boom, they're here. And the gardens! They are fantastic. 

I love sitting on the patio and watching the landscapers trim and shape the courtyard. They take exquisite care here. It's such a beautiful place.

We've found that, without having to worry about repairs and lawn care, we have more time to enjoy the activities we want to do. 

Tribune: What are some ways you've gotten involved on campus?

Susan: Patrick and I are eager to help out at the in-house TV station, whether it's with audio, video, or just to run props back and forth! It sounds like fun and a great way to meet more people.

I joined the Photography Club and play pickleball regularly on the courts here. It gets pretty competitive! But everyone is welcoming and happy to teach newcomers. Patrick, a retired pilot of 40 years, is interested in model aircraft flying and wants to get involved with the Remote Radio Club. He's also in the Veterans' Club.

Tribune: You mentioned meeting more people. Is it easy to make friends at Ann's Choice?

Susan: Oh, yes, very easy! Especially if you have a dog. Everyone loves to stop and pet Lily. The residents here are very friendly. They're constantly inviting us to eat dinner at one of the three restaurants on campus. 

However, most nights, we pick up dinner from a restaurant here, sit in our gorgeous kitchen, and look out to the courtyard while we eat. I always joke that the biggest decision we make every day is what we're going to have for dinner. 

Tribune: What do your kids think about your move?

Susan: They're thrilled! They're glad that everything is right here. I always tell people, "If you need it, Ann's Choice has it." I could go on and on about the amenities, the beauty of the grounds, the dedicated employees, and the convenient medical center.

Everyone, including us, has peace of mind, knowing that they are well cared for here.

Invest in your future self at Ann's Choice. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!