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It's a family affair at Ann's Choice

Dorrie Anshel
June 24, 2021

The phrase "all in the family" certainly applies to the Hill-Casele clan, which counts seven relatives in five apartment homes at Ann's Choice, the Erickson Senior Living-managed community in Bucks County, Pa.

The moves began with Joe Casele and his late wife Beth, who arrived in 2004. Joe's sister Rose and her husband Paul Hill followed a year later. In 2007, Paul's brother Matthew Hill and his late wife Ann moved in. Mary Ann Casele, Rose and Paul's niece, came in 2014. The most recent arrivals, Patricia and Terry Hill, Rose and Paul's son and daughter-in-law, moved in October 2020.

The family is delighted to be so close. They are all Pennsylvania natives, and several previously lived within sight of Ann's Choice—Rose can look out the window of her apartment home and see the house she grew up in. Her brother Joe built his house next door and still maintains his vegetable garden, thanks to the new owner.

The choice to move to Ann's Choice

Patricia notes that every family member had their own reason for making the move. Joe and Beth watched Ann's Choice being built and wanted to trade in the upkeep of their large property for a maintenance-free lifestyle. Paul and Rose loved the activities and amenities. She volunteers, and Paul shares his vast baseball knowledge over Ann's Choice TV.

"There was no comparison with other communities in terms of size, amenities, and apartment styles," says Rose. "And, of course, Joe was here."

Matthew wanted to be near family and is active in the woodworking shop. Mary Ann, a Warminster native, had lost her husband and mother and wanted to be in a familiar setting that was close to old friends. Terry and Patricia decided, after living in their house 15 years, it was time. Interestingly, the family home was originally Rose and Paul's; when they moved to Ann's Choice, Terry and Patricia took it over. Paul returned almost daily to check on his huge baseball memorabilia collection, which was on display in the basement.

Too much maintenance

"We loved the large yard and the space," says Terry. "But over time, we were paying more contractors to maintain the house and yard. It didn't make financial sense to stay. When you think about what it takes to keep your house going, Ann's Choice is a great value."

"Plus, I never enjoyed cooking, so having someone else prepare our meals was a big deal to me," Patricia adds with a smile.

The whole family appreciates the 24-hour security that ensures their safety.

The chance to socialize

Thanks to the comprehensive vaccine program the community implemented beginning in December 2020, socializing is again possible.

"People here are so friendly," says Terry. Ask any of the Hill-Caseles, and they'll tell you the same thing: Moving to Ann's Choice was the right decision for many reasons. "Being together in such a wonderful community is a blessing," says Patricia.

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