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The Benefits of Being an Ann's Choice Employee

Jill Dutton
January 30, 2024
Ann's Choice Philanthropy Manager

As the senior living industry continues to flourish, Ann's Choice, an Erickson Senior Living-managed community in Bucks County, recognizes the pivotal role that benefits play in fostering a vibrant and dedicated workforce.

A survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management noted that 60 percent of employees said that benefits were extremely or very important when considering staying with their current employer. Erickson Senior Living's commitment to employee well-being goes beyond industry standards, offering a comprehensive range of benefits and rewards that prioritize work-life balance, financial stability, and health and well-being.

Vice President of Human Resources Nicole Walker says, "Our team members embrace the culture and utilize their talents to help residents and each other live better lives. In turn, Erickson Senior Living recognizes the invaluable contributions that employees make and provides a robust package of benefits that reflect our commitment to financial stability, health and well-being, and work-life balance."

Generous Employee Benefits and Rewards

Ann's Choice's benefits package goes beyond the ordinary, offering a variety of health care plans, including medical, dental, and vision. Employees can build their careers with tuition reimbursement, enjoy a healthy work-life balance with generous paid time off, and plan for their financial security with a 401K that includes a company match. Other perks include online training classes, advancement opportunities, on-site employee health and well-being centers, discount programs, pet insurance, and more.

Chris Donati, executive director at Ann's Choice, explains: "Ann's Choice provides team members with a comprehensive benefit package that helps us live better lives. The focus on health and well-being not only provides many benefits that focus on wellness and prevention but also solid benefits for when one does have health needs. Our team members are essential to our success, and we want to keep them as well and taken care of as possible."

Recognition Culture

Ann's Choice takes pride in recognizing and acknowledging the efforts and achievements of its staff, creating a supportive and collaborative environment that empowers employees and opens doors to career development.

Rebecca Nixon, a 20-year employee at Ann's Choice, has experienced this recognition firsthand. She started in dining services and worked her way up to a position as the philanthropy coordinator, and she is currently the philanthropy manager. 

"I started in dining services as an administrative assistant before the building was even open. And then shortly after moving into the building, I knew that staff development was what I wanted to do. After about a year and a half, I was promoted to that position. In 2015, that position was eliminated, but I was very fortunate because a lot of my personal time was spent in philanthropy. There was a position available, so I was able to transfer into the philanthropy department, and that's where I've been since."

As Philanthropy Manager, Rebecca says she oversees the benevolent care fund, the scholars fund and manages the gifts contributed to the staff appreciation fund.

Volunteer Benefits 

Rebecca's interest in philanthropy was a perfect fit for her position. Also, she says, Erickson's volunteer benefit allows 40 hours each year for full-time staff to volunteer during work hours (part-time employees receive 20 hours per year to give back to their communities).

"We can use up to eight hours each month to volunteer for a nonprofit organization outside of Ann's Choice," Rebecca says. She appreciates this opportunity and volunteers at a farm animal sanctuary nearby.

"It's personally fulfilling to be able to volunteer at the farm and professionally satisfying that I can do it during work hours," she says.

Volunteer with Me!

In 2023, Rebecca took part in a Volunteer with me! program where executive team members host a service project with a group of employees. It's an opportunity to use volunteer hours and give back to the local community while allowing staff and senior leaders the chance to connect outside of normal work functions. 

Tuition Reimbursement

The tuition reimbursement was another benefit that Rebecca utilized.

"I finished my degree with no debt because of using tuition reimbursement benefits throughout my 20 years here. It was a huge benefit for me, especially when I first started here because I was a young single mom," she says.

Well-Being and Mental Health Initiatives

Erickson Senior Living offers unique perks such as Annual Well-Being Visits, on-site Employee Health and Wellness Centers, access to wellness workshops, fitness challenges, and health trackers via the Health Advocate app. The Wellness Fund provides reimbursement of up to $260 for personal wellness expenses for employees enrolled in an Erickson Senior Living medical plan.

Rebecca says the wellness fund allows her to pay for gym memberships, purchase a Fitbit or running shoes, or get reimbursed for well-being care such as massages.

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