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Ann's Choice Residents Soak Up the Summer Sun Through Activities

Jill Dutton
July 9, 2024
Ann's Choice residents

"As a physical education teacher for 38 years, playing sports and games was my life," says Richard Grafius. 

Richard brought that passion with him to Ann's Choice, an Erickson Senior Living community in Bucks County, Pa., where he and his wife Linda moved in 2022. 

"We were quite impressed with the amenities," he says. "There are tennis and pickleball courts and horseshoe pits. Linda and I like to ride our bicycles, so we were happy to see that there were paths on campus as well." 

Eager to take advantage of these outdoor amenities and put his teaching experience to work, Richard partnered with the Resident Life team to create not one, but five sport clubs. 

"Getting Let's Play Catch, Billiards Invitational, Floor Shuffleball, disc golf, and cornhole up and running has been a lot of fun!" says Richard. "I also took over two established clubs--bocce and water volleyball."

With activities to meet nearly every interest, whether it's a walk with a furry companion at the dog park or practicing some swings on the putting green, there are plenty of opportunities for Ann's Choice residents to make the most of the great outdoors. 

Practice makes perfect

Let's Play Catch was the first club that Richard brought to the active community. 

"It's exactly what you might think it involves--playing catch," he explains. "I loved playing catch with my son and now my granddaughters. It's a great way to bond with others. I had brought a bag of gloves and balls with me when we moved, so it felt natural to start Let's Play Catch."

Richard, also an avid disc golf player, quickly set up a course and club when he discovered a basket on campus. "The game is well received here. A lot of younger visitors, such as grandchildren, know about disc golf and enjoy throwing the disc into the basket," he says. "I keep a basket and disc outside in front of the clubhouse so anyone can play year-round."

He continues, "But in the spring, I bring out the rest of the baskets and set up a course. Residents can play a couple of rounds at their leisure, families can play while they're visiting, or residents can join the club and play."

During club meetings, Richard provides demonstrations and instructions about the game, then residents get a chance to try it out themselves. 

"Once someone knows how to play, they can play disc golf at any time," he notes. "I'll often see someone walking from one clubhouse to another, and as they pass by, they'll grab a disc, throw it in the basket a couple of times, and then move along."

Having a ball

In addition to the many outdoor clubs and games on campus, pet owners appreciate the new dog park. 

Diane Voghel, an Ann's Choice resident since 2020, enjoys taking Bear--her Pomsky--for a game of catch. 

"The dog park is particularly handy because if someone is unable to walk their dog on the community trails, they can drive to the park. The concrete paths there are wheelchair accessible," she says. "It's really a beautiful park!"

Resident Naureen Schnee--and her Cavachon, Bella--love catching up with fellow pet parents at the dog park. 

"It was so exciting, watching the dog park come about," she says. "First, fencing went up, then overhead sails were installed to give us some shade. Then they installed the water fountain--for dogs and humans! The park is a great addition to our outdoor amenities." 

Unleashed joy

To add to the existing trails and dog park, Diane and Naureen--in collaboration with their neighbor Janet Baldwin--created a club called Feather & Fur Babies Pet Club. 

"In addition to educational activities, the pet club is working on beautifying the dog park by adding a variety of flowers and bushes," Diane says.

Diane, recognizing the paw-sitive impact that pets can have not only on their owners, but the greater community, is always looking for ways to spread the joy. 

"Pets teach us unconditional love. Residents who don't have pets, but still love the company of a furry friend, are welcome at club meetings," she says. 

Create your own

Diane and Richard agree that there's no limit to the outdoor activities and clubs at Ann's Choice.

"One thing that's great about living here is that if you think of something that would work as a club, you can create it," says Richard. "It's an easy way for residents to share what they're passionate about!"

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