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Planning for a Secure, Engaging Retirement at Windsor Run

June 26, 2019

Matthews, North Carolina—Throughout his career, Buck Gatewood served in prominent executive positions and on boards of directors, including as Senior Vice President of Duke Energy Corporation and a National Board Member of the American Leadership Forum.  These leadership roles entailed maintaining an extensive knowledge of multiple industries, establishing trustworthy relationships, and of course, understanding corporate budgeting and financing.

When Buck and his wife, Eileen, were ready to make the transition from their house in the nearby Mayfair community in south Charlotte, they did their due diligence when exploring senior living options throughout the area.  

"We seriously examined the type of lifestyle we wanted for the next decades of our lives," says Buck. "While currently in good health, we worried about what we would do if one of us suffered from an illness or accident.  We also love to travel, which in our former house necessitated having someone watch for packages, get the mail, and periodically check the townhome.  Windsor Run caught our eye. " 

They visited Windsor Run in Matthews, managed and developed by Erickson Living, for a tour and other events.  Their business and community involvement provided them with the insight to ask the right questions when it came to finances.

"To our delight, the team at Windsor Run was knowledgeable and transparent when we discussed the elements of the move," recalled Eileen.  "Naturally, we had created our own financial plan, and what Windsor Run offered made perfect sense."

Predictable Finances

The financial structure at Windsor Run, developed and managed by Erickson Living, has two basic components: the 90-percent refundable entrance deposit and a monthly service package.  The entrance deposit secures the resident's apartment home as long as they live in the community.  If they move away from campus, they receive 90-percent of the deposit; if they spend the rest of their lives at Windsor Run, the 90-percent goes to their beneficiaries.

Windsor Run also provides a nonrefundable option, allowing residents to secure their apartment home with a lower entrance deposit.

The monthly service package covers utilities including air conditioning and heating, 24-hour security and emergency first response, flexible dining plans, scheduled shuttle service, trash collection and recycling at your door, and all maintenance and repairs.  

"The monthly savings started immediately," noted Buck.  "We were able to eliminate all the costs associated with a second car, yard maintenance and home upkeep.  We saved time as well, and, after all, time is money." 

A Value Proposition

"Windsor Run is part of the Erickson Living enterprise with a 36-year track record of serving seniors.  We take great pride in having strong financials and being good stewards of our residents' money.  It's reflected in our strong occupancy rates and demand for the lifestyle and amenities offered here," said Ryan Barkley, Director of Sales.

The sales team works closely with priority list members and new customers to make a seamless transition to the community, with popular benefits such as the realty and moving services program.

"Our mission is to make sure that Windsor Run is a smart investment for those exploring senior living options in this market," noted Mr. Barkley.  "We routinely look at our competition and what we offer for our price point.  We definitely have a much better value for what you pay when factoring in the incredible amenities and lifestyle offered here."

So Much to Do

A TD AmericaTrade survey of 2,002 adults taken in 2018 noted that 81 percent see their retirement years as a time to pursue new goals.  And 76 percent see themselves using those years to pursue passions they previously neglected like spending time with friends and family, traveling abroad or taking up a new hobby.

The active lifestyle at Windsor Run for Buck and Eileen is a reflection of these national trends.  

Since moving to Windsor Run last year, the couple continues to travel and enjoys the socialization opportunities at the community, including live entertainment, dining in the restaurants and being active in groups and clubs.  

"The chance to join a well-run, financially strong retirement community that will grow over the next several years with new buildings, restaurants and a continuing care neighborhood is paying off for us," said Buck.  "Eileen and I made the right decision."

About Windsor Run: Windsor Run, situated on a scenic 60-acre campus in Matthews, North Carolina, is one of 20 continuing care retirement communities developed and managed by Erickson Living®.  The community is home to 330 residents who are supported by a team of more than 100 employees.  Additional information about Windsor Run can be found at