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Couple Enjoys Peace of Mind Windsor Run Provides While Traveling, Offers Tips

August 8, 2019

Matthews, North Carolina—Many residents of Windsor Run have enjoyed a busy summer taking road trips to visit family and friends, enjoying cruises and traveling internationally to fulfill lifelong "bucket lists."

They are not alone in following this national trend.  According to a recent AAA Travel survey, nearly 100 million Americans are planning a vacation in 2019.  

Doris and Bruce Bowen have been residents of the Erickson Living community in Matthews since June 2018.  They recently completed a Viking River cruise through Hungary, Austria and Germany.

"We've been avid travelers since we got married in 1980," described Mrs. Bowen, a retired IBM employee.  "At one point, Bruce and I bought a motor home and drove across the country for six weeks, and we took regular vacations to Fort Myers, Florida."

The couple has also traveled internationally to Haiti, Israel, Lithuania and Mexico, among others, and enjoyed cruises to the eastern and western Caribbean.  They even like mystery trips scheduled by a travel agent friend who books destinations with minimal advance information.

Living at Windsor Run has eased prior concerns about leaving a house unattended.  

"When we left last month for the cruise, we had a good feeling that everything was taken care of and would be safe.  There was no need to cancel deliveries or ask neighbors to watch our house," described Mrs. Bowen. "We feel well protected at Windsor Run."

She noted that "we've learned to pack light.  Lugging multiple suit cases and carry-on bags is a hassle.  We also rely on our smartphones for information and connections, rather than bringing a laptop."

Erickson Living residents across the country have shared the following travel tips for older adults:

•    If your trip involves extensive walking or traveling abroad, consider talking with your doctor or pharmacist to discuss destinations, food allergies and vaccinations.  

•    Check the weather at your destinations by using a forecast app on your phone.

•    Travel during the right time of day to maximize your energy level.  Consider mid-morning or early afternoon departures.

•    Travel with a list of medications and copies of medical directives.  Emergencies can happen anywhere in the world.

•    Remember to ask for senior discounts from hotels and travel agencies.

About Windsor Run: Windsor Run, situated on a scenic 60-acre campus in Matthews, North Carolina, is one of 20 continuing care retirement communities developed and managed by Erickson Living®.  The community is home to 330 residents who are supported by a team of more than 110 employees.  Additional information about Windsor Run can be found at