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Wind Crest Residents Complete 17-Year-Old Doll House and Donate it to Children's Hospital

March 4, 2013

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (March 4, 2013) - A doll house that had been unfinished and in storage for 17 years has been given new purpose by residents of Wind Crest retirement community in Highlands Ranch who completed its construction and donated it to Children's Hospital in downtown Denver.
The doll house's story is as loving and enchanting as the role it will play at the hospital, bringing delight to children there who will see it in the Creative Play Center.
Construction of the doll house, which is made of wood and real textile furnishings, was first started by Rick Ham, the late husband of Georgina Ham, a front lobby receptionist at Wind Crest. He  began to  build the doll house as a way to stay  connected with his children, who helped to cut shingles and hold corners together as they were glued in place.
The two-story doll house with porch was off to a fine start. However, Rick traveled a lot with his work, cared for his ailing mother, and as the children grew, they found new interests. The doll house project was placed on hold, packed away for completion at another time, perhaps with grandchildren.
Years passed, Rick's life changed and he found Georgina to share life with as his spouse.  The doll house, still in storage but not forgotten, waited for someone to take it into the light.  When Rick died last year the doll house's future seemed uncertain.
Wind Crest residents who are members of The Windy Wooders woodworking group eagerly resumed construction of the doll house. Len Hilgartner (display case), Judy and Dale Thornberry (interior) and Jim Bartlett (painting)  provided the love and completed the doll house to give joy to children.
The doll house today has nine rooms with real electrical lighting. It is a home where dreams come true.