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Wind Crest Residents Build and Maintain Their Campus' Website

August 1, 2013

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO  (August 1, 2013)  -- A couple of Wind Crest retirement community  residents thought they had everything -- everything but a website. So they built one from scratch.
Little did they know their website, ,  would become the go-to source for residents and staff alike to keep up with everything from the latest campus news to a summary of swipes remaining on their meal plans.
The website project was undertaken initially by residents Bill Fritschen and Larry Carr and the group known as the Wind Crest Webbers was soon born. With the approval of the Resident Advisory Council and funding from Wind Crest, the Webbers have blossomed to a dozen or so members who work daily on www.MyWindCrest,com .
Residents Ron Poinsett and Bill Fritschen did the majority of the software development for the website. They also provide daily maintenance on the website, reaching out to the growing group of computer users at Wind Crest.
"There's an increasing number of residents who use technology," Poinsett said. "This is one great way to be able to reach out and connect with them."
In order to reach residents who are less technologically inclined, Poinsett and Fritschen have been leading "how-to" sessions that display the site on a big screen and show people how to use it. The sessions have been popular with residents and staff who said they might not have used the website otherwise.
"Bill and Ron have been great with taking the technology and explaining it in a way that people really understand," said Melanie Land, the Community Resources Coordinator for Wind Crest.
Wind Crest staff check the website on a daily basis for announcements and calendar updates, which the Webbers keep updated. In addition, the website has proven to be a source of information for residents and staff alike, helping the community to stay organized.
"Using a resident website helps keep residents engaged in daily community life," Fritschen said. "Using technology allows them to connect easily with others,  including their families and friends."