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Wind Crest Concierge Debbie Brewer Binkley Publishes Her First Children's Book

June 6, 2016

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (June 6, 2016) – Debbie Brewer Binkley, a concierge at Wind Crest retirement community who lives in Highlands Ranch, has published her first children's book, "Brown Paper and a Piece of String."  It is a story set in the 1930's on a family farm in East Texas where Frankie realizes the true gift of Christmas.


This story was inspired by a message preached by the author's father, Dr. Fred V. Brewer.  He preached this message somewhere, every Christmas, from 1955 until his last Christmas in 2010. The beguiling tale unfolds:


Brown paper is so plain, not used for special occasions.  In fact, it was used for everyday ordinary things -- to carry purchases from the general store and to wrap up messy garbage like old coffee grounds.  It sometimes ended up in the compost heap to help with the decomposition process.


So why is there a brown paper package sitting under the Christmas tree with all the beautiful packages wrapped in fine colorful paper and ribbon?  Frankie was intrigued.  Little did he know the importance of the plain brown paper package, and he was horrified when he discovered its recipient.


Debbie Brewer Binkley has been involved in Children's Ministry in Texas, Hawaii, California, Virginia, and Colorado. Together with her husband, Verle Binkley, she recently started Binks Books, LLC, to share with others God's wonderful gifts of hope and life. 


Debbie and Verle have been married for 46 years and have three adult children and two grandchildren.


The illustrations in this book, beautifully portrayed by Alabama resident J. Gail Aldridge, were done in chalk in colored pencil as a tribute to the author's mother, Vivian Brewer, who was an accomplished chalk artist. J. Gail Aldridge is a popular artist and illustrator.  Her work can be seen from boardroom walls to living room walls.  As well as crafting specialized work for businesses and friends, she also teaches art classes at schools, children's parties, and adult women's ministry programs.