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Potbellied Pigs Share Life with Wind Crest Residents

February 6, 2015

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (February 6, 2015) – Two Vietnamese potbellied pigs are now visiting Wind Crest each month to share their life experiences with residents. And they are fast-becoming darlings of the retirement community.

Boris is one year old and weighs in just shy of 50 pounds. His colleague, Pumba, is 9 months old and weighs about 40 pounds.

The visits by Boris and Pumba provide staff with an opportunity to explore and discuss farm life with residents and to also acquaint residents with the nuances of the potbellied pig breed. "There is a lot of smiling and feeding of treats when Boris and Pumba visit," said Chelsea Beck, Home Support Manager/Administrator of the Intermissions Program at Wind Crest.

Pigs are social creatures and love human interaction. "Boris and Pumba enjoy being pet," she said. "The hair on their heads stands up into a Mohawk, and if their tummies are pet, they roll over so you can continue with easier access."

The human mom of Boris and Pumba is Erin Brinkley-Burgardt, the founder of Hog Haven Farm, a Denver-area nonprofit organization that focuses on education and outreach programs with potbellied pigs.

"Boris and Pumba  bring smiles to the faces of so many," said Beck.  "How often do you see a pig? You cant help but smile."