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Owl Nest Discovery at Wind Crest Leads to Wildlife Presentation

November 13, 2017

Owl Nest Discovery Prompts Presentation at Wind Crest


HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO – Wind Crest, which is bisected by the High Line Canal Trail, offers ample opportunities to get out and walk, bike, jog, bird-watch, or spot wildlife. A group of residents recently discovered an owl nest, which prompted a presentation, "The Secret Lives of Owls," by nonprofit organization Wild Wings.


Wild Wings provides unique programs for schools, scouts, and other communities to promote respect for wild animals and an understanding of the environments in which they live. Wild Wings inspires the protection and appreciation of owls and other raptors through these educational programs.


"The program took us all on a fascinating journey as we explored the mysterious lives of the various species of owls found here in Colorado. We learned that owls may not be the smartest animals around, but their directional hearing, superior night vision, and their silent flight make up for that," wrote Cheryl Berger, Intermissions Associate, in Wind Crest's monthly newsletter The Gazette.


About 40 people attended the event, hosted in Red Rocks Catering Room, a private room in the community's High Line Overlook neighborhood.