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Lifelong Learning is a Passion for Wind Crest Couple

August 15, 2016

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (August 8, 2016) -- Wind Crest retirement community residents Piet and Carolyn Kallemeyn teach classes through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Denver. Piet, a former engineer, and Carolyn, a former professor, inspire their students to learn about subject matter they may have never before considered.


They teach U.S. Constitution, Ethics, Literature, Justice, Technology, and Art Appreciation classes held at a facility near Highlands Ranch. They also teach at Wind Crest. This year they will teach one class for two semesters.


Their classes, which average 25 students, are always full. And their enthusiasm for lifelong learning is contagious.


"Learning in a group setting removes isolation," said Carolyn, who begins each day by reading a poem, working on a puzzle and studying a piece of art. "It is important for everyone to pursue their interests."

Piet, who is a past Douglas County School Board member, enjoys sharing his iPad technology expertise in the classroom. "My students take to the iPad like a duck takes to water," he said.


The Kallemeyns moved to Wind Crest a year ago from their former home near Castle Rock. They have traveled to South Africa and Eastern Europe, immersing themselves into the politics and lifestyles of the people they met overseas  – all a part of their own lifelong learning passion.


"I make it a point to study people in life to help me see things differently," said Piet.


"It is exciting to gain an appreciation of the diverse experiences of people," said Carolyn. "It is what connects us to each other."


About Osher Lifelong Learning Institute:

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, a member-volunteer organization, offers non-credit academic classes and stimulating programs, along with social opportunities for retired and semi-retired men and women. Members use their talents, experiences, and skills creatively in shared intellectual and cultural pursuits.