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"The 1940's Radio Hour" Provides Nostalgic Fun at Wind Crest

November 15, 2011

Resident 'Ham-lets' to "broadcast" three-part radio drama on NNMV

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO---In the 1940's, radio was king.  Just as television and the internet are today, radio broadcasts served as the window to the world for millions of Americans.  Kids ran home from school to hear the tales of Captain Midnight, and adults gathered around the radio for soap operas and baseball games.
A group of fifteen residents, known as the Wind Crest 'Ham-lets', are reliving those days with an original "radio-style" production on Thursday, November 17th at 7:30pm at the Erickson Living retirement community in Highlands Ranch.
Written and directed by resident Henry Rice, "The 1940's Radio Hour" follows the adventures of the Wind Crest turkey in a seasonal, three-part production as he deals with, among others, Sgt. Josephine Friday in Dragnet Drama, Nick O'Tyme in Captain Midnight and Chief Surgeon Horace Cutter in the Adventures of "Young Doctor Burton."
Computer-generated sound effects will provide the broadcast on the aptly-named NNMV (the fictitious Nostalgic Network at Mill Vista radio station) with a modern touch.  However, Denver-area natives will appreciate the local ties as scenes wind through landmarks such as the Shirley-Savoy Hotel.
"The Wind Crest 'Ham-lets' are walking our audience down memory lane to a time when radio sparked the imagination," said Mr. Rice.  "Our resident and staff cast members will give a stirring performance on our own NNMV as they chronicle the escapades of the Wind Crest turkey through three light-hearted dramas."
Wind Crest is located at 3235 Mill Vista Road in Highlands Ranch.  For more information, please contact Jeff Getek, public affairs manager, at 410-456-9809.

About Wind Crest: Wind Crest, managed and developed by Erickson Living, is a retirement community that provides worry-free living for America's seniors-the country's fastest growing population segment.  Erickson Living's financial value and predictable monthly service fees provide residents across the country financial peace of mind.  Comprehensive health and wellness services, integrated into our continuum of care, lead to demonstrated resident benefits.  A robust complement of resident programs and facilities promote an engaged, fulfilling lifestyle that is reflected in resident satisfaction levels that exceed the industry average.  And the company's wide-ranging employee programs have earned Erickson Living numerous awards, including Fortune magazine's "Best Companies to Work For®" in 2008 and 2009.