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Barbara Penningroth Personalizes Her Wind Crest Home

By Michele Wojciechowski
May 15, 2023
Woman sitting on her sofa

When Barbara Penningroth decided to move to Wind Crest, the Erickson Senior Living community located in Highlands Ranch, Colo., she selected a cozy one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment home. 

She knew that it would be plenty of space for her and her dog, Katie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, especially since she would be spending much of her time taking advantage of the countless activities and amenities that Wind Crest offers.

Barbara was impressed by the floor-to-ceiling windows, which give the apartment home a bright and airy feel. "It makes a huge difference!" she notes.

What made her decision even easier was the ability to get a jump start on personalizing her apartment home, even from states away. 

Help along the way

A California native, Barbara enlisted the planning and moving consultants at Wind Crest to help her determine what furniture to bring. 

Together, they decided that three handmade woodwork pieces she owned would fit in her living room. 

"They're the kind you like to pet as you walk by because they're so beautiful," she jokes. "They really show up in here. Before, they were in different rooms, and I appreciated them, but not like I do now! I enjoy them every day, thanks to the staffers' expert guidance."

Curating a unique aesthetic

Barbara strategically added some new pieces as well. 

"I found this piece of furniture that looks like an armoire, but it's actually a desk," she notes. "I have space for my computer, as well as some room for files." 

And instead of shopping for a short bookcase, Barbara decided to build one. 

"I had never held a power tool in my hand in my life," she says, with a laugh. "I went to the campus woodshop anyhow. There were a lot of woodworking residents who taught me what to do. They really helped me out!"

Barbara's personal style, which she describes as Japanese-influenced, is now evident throughout her apartment home. She notes a living room table that is made from a Japanese rice pounder and topped with a piece of glass, as well as a bamboo screen that serves as a decorative element. 

"Two antique Japanese chests, called tansus, sit on top of each other in my bedroom. They're my nightstand," says Barbara. "For me, the environment I'm in is really important. The beauty and the aesthetics of a place make me feel really good." 

More outside your door

Comfortable in her new surroundings, Barbara enjoys meeting new people and participating in a number of activities, including Wind Crest's in-house TV station. 

And although she had no prior TV experience, she confidently appears on three programs!

On Windmill Now, Barbara tells jokes. On Java, the morning program, and Night Side, which airs in the evening, she interviews community members on just about everything. 

"I love the interviews. I get some of the most interesting answers, and they're all inspiring people," she says. "I've spoken with residents who are involved in hobbies like astronomy and creating botanical illustrations."

Barbara, a quilter and weaver, enjoys exercising her creative talents by getting involved with the Arts Committee. 

And even after going to an exercise class to support her aerobic fitness and balance, she'll take Katie for walks around campus. 

"I've made many friends in the community by joining clubs and trying new activities - and by walking Katie. My neighbors just love to pet her!" says Barbara. 

Worry-free living

Nothing beats coming home to a cozy space at the end of a busy day, but Barbara says that having people to watch over her apartment home while she's gone is a close second. 

"I love to travel! I recently took a last-minute trip to New Zealand, and it was easier than ever before, knowing that my apartment home was looked after," she explains. 

After letting staff members know you're leaving, Barbara says, "You just walk out, close the door, and come back in a week - and it's all there!"

Between her personalized apartment home, an array of activities and amenities, new friends, and the ability to travel when she pleases, Barbara's got everything she needs for a fulfilling retirement. 

"And then some! I love it here," she says.

At Erickson Senior Living communities, people appreciate the opportunity for a fresh start - and the ability to create a beautiful space where they can live the carefree retirement they've always imagined. 

Some choose a spacious two-bedroom apartment home and use the second room as an office, craft room, or guest room. Others, like Barbara, choose a one-bedroom apartment home, knowing that they will spend most of their time out and about, enjoying the community's amazing amenities and social activities.

Invest in your future self at Wind Crest. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!