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Tips for staying healthy while traveling

January 15, 2014

Whether you're traveling to visit loved ones or finally treating yourself to that cruise you've been thinking about for years, visiting new locations can offer a well-deserved and relaxing break. There are, however, several senior health tips to keep in mind when embarking on your fun adventure.

Watch what you eat
If your travels bring you to an exotic location this season, be sure to remain mindful when trying the local cuisine. While some destinations are well-known for their colorful food, it's important to exercise caution when trying new meals for the first time. In addition to potentially transferring harmful bacteria that may lead to unwanted stomach problems, unknown foods may lead to food poisoning, parasites or dehydration.

It is also vitally important to remain hydrated at all times, no matter where your journey takes you. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle that you keep full throughout your travels. Constant walking, driving and even entertaining little ones can lead to dehydration quickly, especially in senior citizens. Drinking alcohol while flying may also increase the risk of dehydration. Remember to constantly rehydrate throughout your travels.

Listen to your body
Avoid blood clots by staying active, whether you're traveling by train, car, boat or plane. Every couple of hours, be sure to stand up and walk around to keep blood circulating in your legs, or, if you're in an airplane that doesn't allow for much walking room, be sure to stretch your legs in your seat to maximize blood flow. If you're traveling by car, pull over and get out for a bit before continuing on your journey. While this not only ensures your limbs remain healthy, it also prevents you from becoming groggy or tired while traveling.

Be sure to remember your medication when packing, as well as other basic first aid supplies, including bandages, antibiotic gel and extra water.