Year-round fitness

Tallgrass Creek residents enjoy a wide variety of land- and water-based exercise classes

Mary Bush
February 25, 2020

Though winter weather in Kansas can be frightful, exercising in Tallgrass Creek's indoor temperature-controlled pool is quite delightful. With a consistent water temperature of 82 degrees, exercise classes in the glass-enclosed pool are popular year-round.

Community members enjoy 10 water-based fitness classes each week for both swimmers and nonswimmers. Fitness Specialist Ashley Heusers leads the classes that are scheduled conveniently throughout the day.  

"The water provides wonderful cushion, so there's little impact on the muscles," says Heusers. "It's a relaxing way to exercise that yields great results." 

Classes utilize aquatic dumbbells, aqua gloves, and noodles, which Heusers says "keeps things  interesting."

Resident Esther Redelsheimer participates in seven to eight exercise classes each week at Tallgrass Creek including a class called Aqua Gentle Joints, which meets every weekday. 

"The aquatics classes are a full body workout," says Esther. "I really like the freedom working in the water gives me. It creates a kind of resistance that helps you do different movements you might not do on land."

Land-based fitness

Tallgrass Creek's fitness calendar also offers a wide variety of land-based group exercise classes. There are 28 classes each week, which focus on stretching, strengthening, increasing aerobic capacity, as well as improving balance, flexibility, and posture. 

Wellness Coordinator Camin Bell leads most of the classes, everything from basic fitness classes to cardio dancing, with many choices in between. 

"We constantly monitor and update classes to ensure there is something for all levels of ability," says Bell. "We want residents to want to exercise, so we make sure classes are stimulating and fun."

Phil Carr had never taken group fitness classes before moving to Tallgrass Creek. He now participates in several classes each week including the Men's Only Strength Training class led by Bell. 

"Camin's classes are always different and never boring," says Phil. "Not only do I get a good workout but I see my friends, socialize, and have a good laugh all at the same time."   

For those who prefer exercising on their own, the fitness center is open 24/7 with television available for watching. To ensure safe usage, Bell and Heusers offer fitness center orientations weekly on all of the center's equipment. 

For even more personalized attention, the best fitness deals around are the one-on-one personal training sessions. The cost is minimal and sessions are designed to meet the individual needs of participants. 

"Living here makes exercising so convenient," says Esther. "There's no driving or battling the weather. It's easy to stay fit."