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Tallgrass Creek's Jack Denzer is Music to the Ears -- Literally -- in Overland Park, KS

January 31, 2013

OVERLAND PARK, KS (February 1, 2013) - Tallgrass Creek resident Jack Denzer operated his own photography business for 60 years but always had a passion for music. In fact, he studied music for a while and even contemplated becoming a music teacher. He never made music his profession, but Jack has made music a focal point of his retirement.
Jack moved from Kansas City to Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, KS, in 2010. He quickly developed a reputation because of the Bose boom box he carries around. He is always prepared to serenade people by playing "Happy Birthday" or add ambience to an event by cuing up some tunes, like circus music at an ice cream social.
"One fellow said to me, 'You are kind of an icon around here with your music and your jokes,'" Jack says. His favorite types of music, Jack says, are classical and symphony. He says he's amassed quite a library of CDs.
Now that he's living at Tallgrass Creek, Jack doesn't only listen to music, he makes it as well. He's a member of the community's chorus, a recreational singing group for people of various skill levels.
"I sing off key, and I don't know when to come in," Jack jokes. "I think everybody gets a kick out of it."
While Jack uses his music to entertain his friends and neighbors at Tallgrass Creek, he also puts it to good use as a volunteer at memory care centers. He says people suffering from memory loss often respond to his music, and Jack is happy to brighten their days.
"My boom box has worked very well," he says. "I go with Mitch Miller records, and those people remember those tunes like it was yesterday. You will see them smiling and tapping their feet."