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Tallgrass Creek Residents Got Talent

April 19, 2016

OVERLAND PARK, KS (April 19, 2016) – Tallgrass Creek retirement community residents April 12 performed a variety of entertainment at "As Time Goes By," their spring talent show. Their acts included comedy sketches, song and dance, dramatic readings, and even belly dancing.


More than 150 people filled the Living Room to see the 90-minute show, which was coordinated by resident Marlys Welsh.


The cast of performers included the following:


"As Time Goes By" –-Wanda Schwarz

"Georgia On My Mind"—Dennis McCurdy

"While Strolling Through the Park"—Charlie and the Revs—

Roland Boehnke, George McCall & Alton Schwandt

Old News For Today—Don Welch

"Frankie and Johnny"—Jack Denzer

"The Glory Of Love"—Alton Schwandt

A Bit of Humor—Alan Oehrie

"They Say It's Wonderful"—Pat Belden

"I got The Sun in The Morning"—Charlie Kyle

More Old News—Darrell Rupp

"Coney Island Baby"—Charlie and the Revs

"Dancing For Tallgrass"—Diane Thompson

"The Way You Look Tonight"—Jack Denzer

"Big Bad John"—Jim McCrossen and Harlan Brockman

"Sixteen Tons"— Harlan Brockman

News From the 40's— Darrell Rupp

"My Favorite Things"—Pat Belden 

A Reading —Karen Cox

"Whistle A Happy Tune"—Alton Schwandt

More Humor—Alan Oehrie

"Heart of My Heart"—Charlie and the Revs

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning"— Wanda Schwarz

Final News of the Past—Don Welch

"Fly Me To The Moon"—Dennis McCurdy

"True Love"—Harlan Brockman

Goodnight—Sweet Dreams