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Tallgrass Creek Residents Earn Their Own Olympic Medals

August 15, 2016

Tallgrass Creek Residents Earn Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in Their Own Version of Summer Olympics Games


OVERLAND PARK, KC (August 9, 2016) – Tallgrass Creek retirement community residents August 5 celebrated the Rio Summer Olympics with their own version of the Summer Olympics Games.


The "Tallgrass Creek Summer Olympic Games" began in the swimming pool and continued throughout the day in locales around the retirement community's campus. An Opening Ceremony – complete with residents carrying an Olympic torch kicked-off the games.


The games included: Swimming, Miniature Golf, Bocce Ball, Ladder Ball, Basketball Free-Throw Shooting, Water Balloon Toss, and Badminton. Dice Stacking, Indoor walking, Indoor Bicycling/NuStep, Speed Scrabble, Sudoku in the Clubhouse, Wii Bowling, and a Shake-a-Thon.


Medals were awarded to the following athletes at the conclusion of the games:

Swimming: Marvelee Converse (Gold)

Miniature Golf: Sharad Gavankar (Gold), Joyce Moore (Silver), Les Woerther (Bronze)

Bocce Ball Teams: Joyce Moore and Jeane Hershey (Gold), Ruth Filby and Rita Stoltzfus (Silver), Linda Schur  and Judy Lynd (Bronze)

Ladder Ball: Ruth Filby (Gold), Sharad Gavankar (Silver), Joyce Moore and Rita Stoltzfus (Bronze – a tie)

Wii Bowling: Fran Wolfe (Gold), Lynn Brown (Silver), Bunny Brown (Bronze)

Basketball Free Throw Shooting: Ed Miller (Gold), Rita Stoltzfus (Silver), Phil Carr (Bronze)

Water Balloon Toss Teams: Joyce Moore and Marthat Moss (Gold), Lorie Stapp and Marvelee Converse (Silver)

Sudoku: Dot Kliekamp (Gold), Ed Miller (Silver) Linda Schur (Bronze)

Speed Scrabble: Jerry Brazil (Gold), Ruth Filby (Silver), Carlene Martin (Bronze)

Badminton: Linda Schur (Gold), Karan Winn (Silver), Ed Miller (Bronze)

Dice Stacking Teams: Rich Brown and Bill Klasinski (Gold), Joan Grant and Lorie Stapp (Silver), Sharad Gavankar and Shalini Gavankar (Bronze)

Biking: Jerry Brazil (Gold), Sharad Gavankar (Silver), Rich Brown (Bronze)

Walking: Sharad Gavankar (Gold), Mark Gingrich (Silver), Ed Miller (Bronze)