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Tallgrass Creek Residents Conserve Environment and Protect Wildlife

July 19, 2017

OVERLAND PARK, KS (July 13, 2017) – An oasis of nature is thriving in the middle of Overland Park and it may be the city's best-kept secret. 


Its 64-acres of land in the heart of the city's business district are known affectionately as The Secret Gardens of Tallgrass Creek. And the residents who tend to this park-like site could not be more proud.


Numerous flower garden beds, professionally landscaped grounds, open grassy fields and seven acres of wildlife area with a running water creek are found on the campus, located at 13800 Metcalf Avenue. Bridges support two miles of walking paths -- all of which attract 94 species of seasonal birds and land animals of several species.


"Our grounds are the home of a variety of tree species," said Bob Butterworth , the Chairman of the Tallgrass Creek Grounds Committee.  "All this beauty is professionally placed to frame our majestic mission-style resident structure."


The Secret Gardens at Tallgrass Creek reflect the four distinct seasons of the Midwest with flower varieties changing to reflect these seasons.


Hardwood trees provide a leafy shade canopy in the spring and summer, maturing into a wash of red, yellow and orange colors in the fall.


The wildlife areas are lush with a myriad of colorful Kansas wild flowers which attract butterflies of all kinds. The Secret Gardens of Tallgrass Creek are a Certified Wildlife Habitat Sanctuary, with a plaque prominently displayed in the main lobby for all to see.


Tallgrass Creek has an active Garden Club and Nature Club.  Both work closely the Grounds Committee to seamlessly preserve and enhance the natural ambiance of the campus.


"We are preserving grounds and conserving water for future generations," said Butterworth.  Scientific reports on food production stress the importance of the world bee populations.  The flower plantings at Tallgrass Creek attract wild bees in the Overland Park area."


A tree referred to as the Anniversary Tree, was planted in the center Court Yard.  Each year residents gather around it to commemorate the founding of Tallgrass Creek as an Erickson Living community and look to their future together.


Tallgrass Creek will celebrate its 10th anniversary this fall.