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Tallgrass Creek Residents Celebrate National Puzzle Day

February 3, 2016

OVERLAND PARK, KS (February 3, 2016) – Fifty residents of Tallgrass Creek retirement community this week played a variety of number and word games – nonstop for two hours --  to celebrate National Puzzle Day.


They played the following games found daily in the Kansas City Star: Sudoku, Kenken, Word Scrimmage, Lexigo, Jumble, Seven Little Words, and Celebrity Cipher.


Six tables were set up in the Tallgrass Creek Living Room where residents learned the games from facilitators. They rotated, sampling all games.


"This was a great way for us to keep our minds sharp," said Judy Turner, who organized the event. "And it was a lot of fun."


National Puzzle Day is a time when people typically observe the day by working on all different types of puzzles, and many libraries and museums hold events to celebrate.


The origins of National Puzzle Day are a bit unclear, but there are several theories. Many attribute the holiday to Jodi Jill, a newspaper puzzle maker who wanted to honor her passion. But others say that game companies in the United States started the holiday to sell games.


Either way, people now use the day as an excuse to enjoy everything from jigsaw puzzles to crosswords and word searches, and even games like Sudoku and Rubik's Cubes.