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Tallgrass Creek Residents are Computer Savvy

December 16, 2016

OVERLAND PARK, KS (December 13, 2016) -- How many people in the United States actually use a computer? 

About a whopping 250 million Americans click away daily according to the Internet and Broad Band Usage report found (where else?) on the Internet. That breaks down to about 80% of the total population, which, in laymen's terms, means "almost everyone." 

Those overwhelming figures include many people who live at Tallgrass Creek retirement community. Lila Martin, for example, not only emails, texts, and uses Facebook, but is also proficient on PowerPoint, a popular presentation software program. 

"I took a two-hour course on PowerPoint and learned just enough to be dangerous," says Lila. "But I kept at it and now feel very comfortable using it. It's a wonderfully creative way to tell a story." 

As a member of the Nature Club, Lila shows her impressive 30-minute PowerPoint presentations about Tallgrass Creek's beautiful landscaping and natural, rolling terrain on the community's closed circuit TV channel. 

One of Lila's recent televised presentations called "The Beauty of Tallgrass Creek" features the community's manicured landscape from different angles, as well as an overview of the native grasses and plants on the property, information about their blooming cycles, and where they can be found. 

"People seem to really enjoy seeing what surrounds us outdoors," says Lila, who moved to the community about eight years ago. 

Lila's presentations also include the Nature Club's annual trips to Squaw Creek, a nesting and feeding area for eagles, located north of St. Joseph, Missouri, as well as a lovely overview of the Kansas City Symphony performing in the Flint Hills, a band of scenic hills located in southeast Kansas. Lila is also known for her beautiful calendars featuring a different Tallgrass Creek scene each month. 

Lila is quick to point out that many Tallgrass Creek residents are computer savvy.  

"A lot of us communicate via email," says Lila. "It's a great way to get a group together to go do something interesting."