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Tallgrass Creek Resident Sally Smith's Self-Made Dollhouse is a Mini Mansion

September 25, 2013

OVERLAND PARK, KS (September 26, 2013) --  For irrefutable proof that good things come in small packages, check out the intricately detailed, fully electric dollhouse now on display through October in the living room of Tallgrass Creek retirement community's  Audubon Clubhouse in Overland Park, KS.
The elegant, pillared mini mansion has caused many "oohs and aahs" among staff, visitors, and neighbors as they marvel at the home's flower-lined sidewalks, sunny solarium, elegant sunning deck, cloud-covered nursery walls, and intricately furnished rooms.
Resident Sally Smith, chief architect and designer of the three-story, elaborate miniature, has always been intrigued by dollhouses.
"My grandfather made one for a cousin when I was about six, and I was hooked," said Smith.
For three years, Sally spent many Friday afternoons painstakingly constructing the 13-room, plantation-style mini home. She even made all the plants, trees (using real twigs), and flowers that border the home.
"You just can't quit looking at it," said Tallgrass Creek resident Harlan Brockman. "You keep seeing things you haven't noticed before."
The living room has two miniature portraits of Smith and her late husband, Bob, when they were children, along with a tiny replica of a Smith family portrait. On the library walls are three miniaturized pieces of art painted by a longtime family friend.
The Georgian dollhouse will soon move to Tallgrass Creek's sunny first-floor marketplace where residents enjoy coffee, snacks, and reading the newspaper. It will eventually be given to Smith's son and daughter-in-law who live in Liberty, Mo.
"There's not a dollhouse that isn't adorable," said Smith. "It doesn't matter if they're elaborate or simple. They each have an interesting, magical personality all their own."