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Tallgrass Creek Couple Makes Regular Meals on Wheels Deliveries Throughout Overland Park, Kansas

October 26, 2011

Tallgrass Creek Retirement Community Resident Bunny Brown and Her Husband, Lynn, Make Regular Meals on Wheels Deliveries Throughout Overland Park, Kansas
OVERLAND PARK, KS (October 26, 2011) -- Some couples spend quality time together playing golf or travelling, while others connect over a shared interest in art, film, or music. Tallgrass Creek retirement community resident Bunny Brown and her husband, Lynn, bond by volunteering together. They are long-time Meals on Wheel volunteers in Overland Park and they are part of a group that bakes 1,000 cookies a month to help feed the homeless.
For more than five years, the Browns have worked as volunteers for Meals on Wheels, a nationwide organization that provides nutritious meals to seniors in need. Bunny and Lynn are retirees themselves, but the active couple make it a priority to help others.
Bunny says she first learned about Meals on Wheels several years ago from some friends at her church, Knox Presbyterian. "[Lynn and I] were looking for something to do together," Bunny says. "We had some friends at church who were Meals on Wheels volunteers. We had talked to them about it, and it seemed like a good thing to do."
Ever since then, Bunny and Lynn have dedicated one afternoon each week to delivering fresh and nutritious food---along with companionship and compassion---to about eight local seniors. The Browns pick up prepackaged meals at the Matt Ross Community Center, in Overland Park, and deliver the food to each person on their route. Bunny says she and her husband have been volunteers on the same route from the beginning so they've had the opportunity to get to know the people they are serving.
"You get to know them over the years and they become your friends," Bunny says of the people on her Meals on Wheels route. "It's a very rewarding thing for us."
On one memorable afternoon, Bunny says, the Meals on Wheels coordinators had a surprise in store for those receiving meals---and for the volunteers delivering them. They had arranged for players from the Kansas City Chiefs to go along on the delivery routes and visit the recipients of the meals, many of whom are ill and unable to frequently leave their houses.
"It was quite fun," Bunny says. "They gave ball caps and autographed pictures to them and to us."
Volunteer work is a definite priority for this charitable couple. As long-time Overland Park residents, Bunny and Lynn have been able to stay involved with their volunteer activities off-campus as well as develop new ones at Tallgrass Creek since moving there more than two years ago.
In addition to the time they spend delivering food for Meals on Wheels, Bunny and Lynn volunteer at a soup kitchen organized by their church. Bunny also co-leads Tallgrass Creek's HUGS committee, which organizes a number of volunteer activities throughout the year. One of the group's sweetest contributions to the local community is homemade cookies delivered with lunches to homeless people in the area.
"Each month we get close to 1,000 cookies," Bunny says of the hard-working bakers at Tallgrass Creek.
When they're not volunteering, they spend time with their four children, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, most of whom live nearby. They get together frequently, including a recent September weekend when Bunny and Lynn joined their large brood for a fish fry at Pomona Lake.