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Retirement Living is Going to the Dogs (and Cats) at Tallgrass Creek

March 19, 2013

OVERLAND PARK, KS (March 19, 2013) - Tallgrass Creek is full of hundreds of vibrant and interesting residents. The Overland Park, KS,  retirement community is home to former doctors, lawyers, professors, artists, people who have traveled all over the world, and those who have lived extraordinary lives close to home.
Everyone has an amazing story to tell.  And then there are others who live at Tallgrass Creek whose stories are best told by their paw prints, meows and barks. They are the residents'  beloved dogs and cats.
The dogs include Frankie, Oliver, Winkie, Goldie, Snoozie, Buffy, Buddy, Sparky, Daisy, Callie, Cleo, Cookie, Lilly, and Ellie. There are also Suzi, Lucy, Sampson, Myndie, Coco, Ike, Sage, Bailey, and Dandy.
The cats are Moser, Silky Princess, Muffin, Ragdoll, Pearl, and Gracie.
It is not known if the pets plan to participate in Tallgrass Creek's  extensive wellness and prevention programs, balance assessment and fall prevention programs - although its Fitness and Aquatics Centers do seem to have an appeal.