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Person-Centered Care Comes to Tallgrass Creek

February 3, 2014

OVERLAND PARK, KS (February 3, 2014) -- Tallgrass Creek retirement community in Overland Park, KS,  will open memory care and post-acute rehabilitation units in its continuing care neighborhood in March of this year. The continuing care neighborhood, which opened late last year with assisted living, has a total of 104 apartments and suites and will bring a new Erickson Living Person-Centered Care approach that is unique to its geographic market.
Person-Centered Care integrates health and wellness by blending mission, vision, and values. A resident's daily life experience is influenced by how well staff can serve in helping each resident reach his or her highest potential.  It is a dynamic way of seeing, caring for and serving residents.
"All staff members regardless of position go through the same training on the people-centered approach program prior to beginning their jobs," said Executive Director Peter Crane. "It truly emphasizes the well-known practice that we should treat others like we want to be treated.  It creates a wonderful environment no matter if you live or work in our community."
Person-Centered Care is about putting the resident first, looking at each person from a holistic perspective, and recognizing them as an individual. There is no labeling or stereotyping.  Its focus is on the following:
Emphasis is on individualized service.
Continuing Care can be a short stay for a guest or a resident's home.
Spontaneous programs occur around the clock supported by all staff.
Staff has a personal relationship and knows the residents through knowledge gained from the holistic care plan.
Guests/Residents contribute to the daily life of the continuing care neighborhood.
Helping the person make as many choices in their life as they can.
Making the person the center of all care guided by their choices.
Erickson's Person Centered Approach is built on the foundational work of psychologist Abraham Maslow and his theory of human motivation and hierarchical needs. Individuals need to have their physiological and safety needs met; but more importantly, they need to feel love, belonging, respect and self-esteem to reach the highest level of need, that of self- actualization. Individuals want to be the best they can be, live each day to the fullest and the Erickson staff are trained to assist the person to achieve their daily optimal potential. 
Intensive focus on the Person-Centered Approach philosophy includes how to blend this approach and the Erickson Living Hospitality Program into every resident interaction, resulting in purposeful engagement throughout a resident's day. Employees learn about the normal aging process, dementia and how an individual experiences the dementing symptoms, understanding actions and expressions, as well as experiencing vital hands-on training in caring for an individual with cognitive impairment. In addition, all mandatory trainings such as blood borne pathogens, infection control, and safety are included.
Energetic, didactic classroom experiences give employees deliberate, preceptor-guided, hands-on practice in the work area. Clinical orientation includes topics such as activities of daily living, fall prevention, pain management, medication administration, lifting and transfer, and navigating the electronic medical record, as well as other topics.