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Hundreds of Tallgrass Creek Residents November 6 to Form Human KC Royals "Crown" on Lawn to Celebrate Team's World Series Title

November 3, 2015


A Friday, November 6 (3 - 4 p.m.) Tailgate/100 Blue-Flag Fundraiser Lawn Party by hundreds of Tallgrass Creek retirement community residents in Overland Park, KS, to celebrate their hometown Kansas City Royals' World Series title.


Residents will wear their Royals jerseys and caps and will rally on the front lawn of the 65-acre community. One hundred blue flags will be displayed, along with a huge Kansas City Royals flag. Flags will be purchased as donations to the Benevolent Care Fund, which helps residents who experience an unforeseen change in their financial situation for reasons beyond their control.

The residents will form a human Royals "Crown" on the lawn and an aerial photo will be taken of them cheering. They will share their baseball stories as they enjoy nachos, chips, hot dogs, and other baseball-themed food.


Tallgrass Creek residents stayed up into the wee small hours of the morning, huddled around television sets in their community's bistro and main lobby, to watch the Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets in the World Series. They had their own good luck charm – a two-foot-tall tall, twisted balloon Royals player -- to help them root their hometown team onto the World Series Championship. It was made on-site as a surprise by Robbie Furman, who has been working with balloons for over 20 years.