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Fitness Thrives at Tallgrass Creek

November 13, 2017

OVERLAND PARK, KS (September 13, 2017) -- The holidays are fast approaching, which means, as one Tallgrass Creek resident notes, "the season of eating is upon us."


But for Tallgrass Creek neighbors, there is an antidote for that typical holiday weight gain. It is steps away in the community's fitness center and in the many group exercise classes available to people who live at this retirement community.


Tallgrass Creek fitness guru Camin Bell coordinates land-based exercise classes, and Cydney Cunningham oversees aquatics activities. Bell and Cunningham keep their classes creative and upbeat, and they receive rave reviews from their students.


"Our classes are planned around individual needs and rotate as we develop stronger core, arms, and legs," says resident Bonnie Brown. "Along the way, Cydney and Camin inspire us with their sayings, jokes, and music. What wellness gems we have here at Tallgrass."


Bell and Cunningham recently added several new classes to the already-packed fitness schedule. They include Mat for the Core, Aqua Early Birds, and H2O Pool Boogie.


The fitness center is also home to three new pieces of fitness equipment, and personalized instruction is available.


Mat for the Core, taught by Bell, includes both standing and floor exercises on mats, which are provided. The class meets Thursdays at 1 p.m. and focuses on the area under the arms to above the knees. It is one of Bell's more advanced classes.


"Camin leads and talks us through gentle stretching and balancing exercises that are a very thorough workout," says Merrill Stiles, a retired physician.


Bell also leads a packed, weekly roster of additional classes tailored to different fitness levels.


All aquatics activities take place in Tallgrass Creek's "always 82 degrees" indoor pool.


Aqua Early Birds, led by Cunningham, meets Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. and uses ankle weights, gloves, dumbbells, and noodles for muscular endurance challenges.


Another new class, H20 Boogie, meets Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. and is ideal for walking exercises without stress on the muscles and joints. Lively background music provides encouragement.


"The Tallgrass pool, water classes, and Cydney are the best," says Lorie Stapp. "In addition to the physical benefits, it's calming and a good place to have fun and establish relationships."


Cunningham also oversees other aquatics exercise classes each week as well as a neurobics class that promotes mental exercise.


For those who prefer to exercise on their own, the fitness center is open 24/7 with television available for watching. To ensure safety, Cunningham and Bell host a weekly fitness center orientation on all of the center's equipment, including the new machines.


For even more personalized attention, the best fitness deals around are the one-on-one personal training sessions led by Bell or Cunningham. The cost is $75 for five 30-minute sessions with exercises designed to promote balance, flexibility, cardio fitness, and range of motion.


Registration, schedules, class descriptions, and information about personalized training are available in the fitness center. Bell and Cunningham have an office in the fitness center and are also available outside of classes to discuss different fitness options.