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Take steps to relieve stress during retirement

March 1, 2013

For some people, retirement may seem like a time to relax, but for others leaving the workforce can be stressful. The structure and fulfillment of a regular job can be hard to replace, especially for seniors who were passionate about their professions. While it can be a challenge, there are a number of ways for adults to add some stress lowering techniques into their daily routine, according to The Huffington Post.

One of the best ways for seniors to relieve the stress of leaving the workforce is to immerse themselves in a hobby. Whether it is painting, gardening or continuing education, having something fulfilling to occupy one's time is important, even if he or she is not getting paid for it. 

"Heighten your sense of purpose by spending time enjoying a hobby, art form or support a cause that you love," Lauren Moulton-Beaudry, a retirement expert, told HuffPost. "It's doing things you're passionate about that make you feel most alive."

In addition to indulging a passion, experts suggest that seniors stay socially engaged. Work often provides one of the most substantial sources of social involvement for adults, and it can take a long time to adapt to not having that connection. Luckily, retirement communities often provide ample opportunities to build new social ties, whether it's through a club, class or even just getting to know other area residents. 

Along with social activity, regular exercise can help relieve stress. This is not just a senior-specific benefit, as physical activity can release chemicals in the brain, known as endorphins, that help create a good mood. Not only that, but older adults can help stave off many other conditions that pose threats to healthy aging, by reducing their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and arthritis.