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Study: Assisted living residents satisfied with their experience

July 26, 2013

Seniors enter assisted living facilities for a wide variety of reasons. They could be managing a chronic condition, have difficulties getting from place to place or be rehabilitating from surgery. Whatever the reason, such communities offer a vital service that can improve the well-being and quality of life of their residents, and results of a new study reveal that the overwhelming majority of seniors are happy with the care they receive. 

The survey, conducted by The Assisted Living Federation of America, polled 500 seniors living in communities around the country. Researchers found that 93 percent reported being satisfied with the level of care they receive, and 63 percent said they were "very satisfied." Perhaps most significantly, 93 percent of respondents said they were pleased with the level of independence they retained while still receiving the care they need. Researchers said the findings confirm their long-held beliefs.

"Assisted living is absolutely the best, safest and most satisfying senior living option for seniors who cherish their independence but just need some extra help," said Rick Grimes, president of the ALFA. "The true story of assisted living won't be found in sensational news reports. It's found in the everyday stories of our residents, and the safe, happy and active lives they lead every single day."

Assisted living and other long term care services may become especially important in the coming years. According to statistics from the SCAN Foundation, the number of Americans who require some form of long term care is expected to reach 27 million by 2050. Today, that figure stands at about 12 million. Additionally, by 2030 the 65-and-old population will reach an estimated 72 million.