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Staying active in Baltimore

April 1, 2014

Staying active is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle for seniors, whether they're participating in a community recreational sport or visiting the gym several times a week. Older adults living in Baltimore retirement communities can not only enjoy the exercise opportunities provided by their senior living homes, but they can also join a number of initiatives held by organizations in the surrounding area. Baltimore seniors should consider taking part in the following activities, which could help improve their physical health.

Taking yoga at the Catonsville Senior Center
Participating in a yoga class, regardless of its location, is a great way for older adults to build their muscle strength, improve balance and regain flexibility. Courses can be ideal for seniors of all ages and body types, as instructors may vary their offerings by experience level and preference. The Baltimore Sun recently featured the yoga courses offered at the Catonsville Senior Center, reporting that seniors in the area have seen success in reducing stress levels, making friends and staying active. Mary Roney, a 68-year-old participant, told the source that while she had been practicing the sport for seven years, she wishes she had started earlier because of its undeniable health benefits.

"I wish I had started taking yoga when I was in my 20s," Roney said to the source. "You're able to get more balance in your life with something like this."

Interested seniors can visit the center to learn more about the class offerings, but the spring yoga session begins April 9.

Senior Fit Day is May 14th
The city of Baltimore's Department of Recreation and Parks has been holding a number of spring activities specifically for seniors over the age of 50. These programs range from dance courses to tea parties, and are ideal options for older adults looking to become more active in the community. While some events are more social in nature, the organization is offering several activities that are mainly set in place to encourage physical activity in seniors.

Seniors who wish to join the "Get ready! Get set! Get fit!" senior day, which takes place May 14, have the chance to participate in a number of exercises specifically catered to their needs. According to the Department of Recreation and Parks' website, events will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will focus on healthy living, including a nutritious picnic lunch, line dancing and group exercises. Participants will also be rewarded with a free lunch, T-shirt and prizes throughout the day. Interested seniors should contact the organization to learn more.