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Social media superhero at 97

April 9, 2014

At a point in life when the majority of seniors have not yet adopted the popular photo-sharing social network Instagram, one 97-year-old woman, Edna, has become a verifiable celebrity on the site. 

The Arizona resident does not run her own profile, but instead stars in photos and videos recorded by the trainers working at the FitLife fitness center. According to TODAY, Edna has been visiting the gym at least twice a week for the last 10 years. She places a great deal of emphasis on receiving regular exercise, and those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle for seniors should consider taking a page out of Edna's book.

Edna has been featured in dozens of Instagram videos that show her completing simple exercises, such as using an exercise ball while pulling a piece of equipment, or performing sitting routines with one of her trainers. Anton Mackey, a trainer who has been working with Edna for several years, explained that people are constantly inspired by Edna's dedication, high spirits and willingness to help her fellow gym goers.

"She is a huge inspiration for other clients, and all people lacking motivation," Mackey told the source.

One video, which features Edna performing squats with one of her trainers, Caitlin Turner, has garnered more than 12,500 likes on the site. According to The Huffington Post, Turner works with Edna to do squats, balance and arm exercises, all of which she completes with a positive attitude.

Edna offered several words of advice to her younger trainers, explaining that the key to successful workouts is maintaining an equally healthy mindset. According to Turner's Instagram, Edna told her: "Never let yourself get weak." 

In a different video posted to Mackey's Instagram, she directly addresses the camera and tells people that in order to succeed in a workout, one must "be as present and productive as possible."