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Seniors place an emphasis on traveling

June 14, 2012

Seniors are more likely to yearn for an active retirement than their predecessors, and a recent study out of Australia confirms the belief. The new study found 4.4 million seniors in the Land Down Under are traveling and they're not afraid to spend big when it comes to taking a vacation, The Sun-Herald reports.

The study was conducted by researchers from and found that more than half of the 500 senior travelers polled had taken a trip overseas in the last 12 months. Perhaps most interesting is where the Australian seniors were going - they were not afraid to leave their retirement communities and go off to all corners of the world.

"Old favorites such as Europe and North America are high on the list of dream destinations, but so are more interesting and unusual destinations," researcher Carolyn Childs told the newspaper. "Six percent were planning to travel to South America."

Although the statistics are from Australia, they also reflect the attitude of older adults in the United States. Senior travel is especially pronounced in older adults who do so to volunteer. In particular, the Peace Corps has been targeting older volunteers. Though the majority of the organization is comprised of young adults, today about 7 percent of its volunteers are over 50, according to The Associated Press.