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Seniors embrace tablets, smartphones for many reasons

August 13, 2012

While some people may assume seniors lag behind young generations in terms of tech-savviness, many have caught up in recent years. Older adults have long since become familiar with computers and cell phones, and now many have embraced the latest gadgets, The Denver Post reports.

The reasons why seniors have recognized the importance of devices such as iPads and iPhones are varied. While some use technology to stay in contact with friends and family members, others take advantage of online deals, and even more use devices to stay mentally stimulated. Whatever the cause, experts say older adults would do well to get on board if they haven't already.

"Part of it is that so much of the information you need to actually function is now only online," market analyst Laurie Orlov told the newspaper. "There are fewer and fewer good excuses for avoiding it if you can afford it."

Interestingly, older adults are the most likely to spend money on the latest technology. In 2010, researchers found that baby boomers spent more than any other age group on the newest gadgets, USA Today reports.