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Seniors embark on adventures for good causes

July 16, 2014

Running a marathon to raise money for a good cause is no new concept. There's the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Relay for Life and other events that charities use as a way of gathering participants and funds. Despite all of the popular opportunities out there, both 67-year-old Tony Fritz and 63-year-old Dr. Deborah Walters have decided to participate in some intense healthy aging activities and embark on their own adventures to benefit the causes of their choice.

Cross-country biking for hunger
Since Tony Fritz planned on biking across the country anyway, he decided to make it mean something more. Greene County Daily World reported that he teamed up with Global Aid Network, a charity that helps feed the hungry, to bike his way through America – a journey he is currently in the process of completing. Not only does exercise like this promote a healthy lifestyle for seniors, but it's also a great hobby for people of all ages. Having been an avid cyclist throughout his life, this isn't Tony's first long ride.

Back in 2000, he and his son, a fellow cycling enthusiast, attempted to bike for six weeks from San Diego to Pennsylvania, but his slower pace forced him to end his trip and meet his son at their end destination. This just motivated him even more to complete this longer, more intense trip. As he rides, he takes his time and stops at several key destinations along the way. He's already seen a few iconic spots and told Greene County Daily World that he loves seeing America by bike rather than car. He is funding his cross-country adventure with the help of outside donations as well as by hosting Mobile Packing Events where he helps prepare meals for those in need. Read his blog and follow him on Twitter at @TourDeMeals to follow his journey.

International kayaking for education
Deborah Walters told WCSH6 of her plans to kayak from Maine to Guatemala in order to spread the word about Safe Passage. The charity teaches children how to make a better life for themselves. Anyone who has ever kayaked knows how taxing a 20-minute ride can be on the upper arms and torso. Deborah will be riding for one year. She will be paddling the entire 2,500 mile journey one day at a time and, when she stops, she'll educate children on the ways to rise up from poverty and how Safe Passage has helped others in their situation. She's covering all of her own expenses, so all of the money raised will go directly to the charity. Follow her on Twitter at @kayakSP to check in on her progress.

Let Tony and Deborah inspire you to be active and achieve your own personal goals. See what exercise activities are available at your assisted living community, and get started today.