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Seniors can manage flu season with latest technology

January 22, 2013

The flu has gained a lot of attention this year, and with good reason. Most states have reported higher levels of the virus than in recent years, a statistic that is particularly worrisome to seniors, who are at a greater risk for complications. While there are many easy steps one can take to reduce the chances of contracting the flu, such as following a healthy lifestyle for seniors, there are certain technologies older adults can use to protect themselves as well.

Most notably, there are a number of smartphone and tablet apps that are particularly helpful in warding off the flu, according to Consumer Reports. Among the list of useful apps is a free program from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that offers a number of benefits. For instance, it not only includes tools that can facilitate diagnosis, it also provides information about vaccinations. Additionally, users can stay up to date on the latest flu news and prevalence around the country.

The CDC app is somewhat of an all encompassing program, but there are other programs out there that offer a more specific, targeted approach. For example, some seniors might be interested if their particular community is a hotbed of flu activity. Two programs, FluF.A.C.T.S and Flu Near You are ideal for monitoring the activity in a specific area, and come complete with email alerts, notes Consumer Reports.

The breadth of apps available for seniors during flu season is indicative of the growing role that technology plays in healthy aging. The iBook, for instance, gives seniors an easy way to stay mentally engaged during retirement, U.S. News and World Report points out. Meanwhile, other programs can offer assistance with everything from medication management to meal preparation.