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Senior travelers should be prepared for significant delays

April 25, 2013

Many seniors place a heavy emphasis on traveling during their retirement, and why shouldn't they? With more free time, they can visit the places they may not have had the opportunity to see in their youth. But if you're among those who prefer a retirement on the move, you might have to start working a few extra hours into your planning. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials recently announced their employees will be furloughed during the next several months, meaning airports across the country are going to be short staffed, a fact that will likely cause significant delays, USA Today reports.

The delays could have a significant impact on many airports, but experts say certain areas in particular will be the most affected. Specifically, New York's JFK and LaGuardia airports will see the effects, as will O'Hare Midway in Chicago, and Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. These delays may not only have an impact on those who have made traveling part of senior living, but also if you're among the many who may be heading north for the summer. While the furloughs may be an inconvenience, FAA officials say it is necessary.

"We are not going to sacrifice safety," the FAA administrator Michael Huerta told Congress recently. "There are about a dozen airports that will see heavy to moderate delays, which could be similar to what we would experience during a significant summer thunderstorm."

If delays do not deter you from traveling this year, there are a few destinations to which you may want to pay a visit, including Portland, Ore. As one of the most popular destinations in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is perfect for active seniors. Its beautiful city streets are ideal for walking, cycling and many other active pursuits.