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Senior-specific web tool lets older adults stay connected

July 30, 2012

Even seniors who were tech-savvy when they were younger may be finding it difficult to keep up at the rapid pace at which technology develops. In an effort to help older adults stay connected later in the life, one Colorado program is reaching out to area seniors, The Gazette reports.

The service is offered by a company called Connected Living, which provides seniors with an easy way to use the internet and stay in touch with friends and family. Specifically, it gives them everything from email addresses to easy-to-use web browsers to a fully-formed online profile. The service has not only been applauded by seniors, but also by their families.

"We have really had very, very good feedback from not just the residents but the family members who say, 'Now, I can talk to mom, I can see her face to face, I can see how well she's doing,'" Kelli Crowley, the executive director of a local retirement community, told the newspaper.

Staying connected to friends and family via the internet can help seniors avoid feelings of loneliness, which can be dangerous for some older adults. A recent study from the University of California, San Francisco found people who reported being lonely were more likely to suffer from health problems during the course of the research.