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Seattle, Sedona among best retirement travel destinations

June 26, 2013

Retirement offers seniors the opportunity to pursue activities they may not have had the chance to try out before they left the workforce. Some elect to head back to the classroom while others turn to volunteering. However, many older adults choose to add travel to senior living, and with ample savings and plenty of time, who can blame them? A wide variety of destinations have become especially popular among retirees, but several locations in particular stand above the rest, according to Fox News.

Few places in the U.S. can compete with the Pacific Northwest when it comes to natural beauty, and Seattle is among the best places to experience it firsthand. With the majestic Mount Rainier looming in the background, the city has plenty to offer both retirees and their entire family. Although the iconic 605-foot Space Needle is a good place to start, seniors making the journey to Seattle should consider visiting Olympic Sculpture Park. Not only is it home to stunning works of art from the likes of Alexander Calder, Claes Oldenburg, and Richard Serra, but its views of the Puget Sound are hard to beat. 

Key West, Fla.
Florida is often recognized as a popular retirement destination for seniors, and while that is certainly true, it is also an ideal place for older adults looking for a new vacation spot. There are plenty of places in the Sunshine State to choose from, but visiting Key West is never a bad decision. According to the website, Key West is especially well-suited to older adults who like to stay active by going to the beach, swimming or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery by foot. 

Sedona, Ariz.
Much like Florida, Arizona has become a popular retirement spot as of late, but seniors don't need to relocate to enjoy all The Grand Canyon State has to offer. Sedona in particular is an especially appealing destination. The landscape is replete with stunning red rock views, and there are compelling art galleries around every corner, according to The Huffington Post. Most of all, however, Sedona is famous for its relaxing atmosphere, which is an essential part of vacations for travelers of all ages.