Senior Living Offers Peace of Mind--For You and Your Family

By Michele Harris
June 19, 2024
Seabrook residents

Are you thinking about a move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)? 

Maybe it's time to say goodbye to costly home maintenance and hello to a life with fewer stairs to climb. Or maybe you're looking to make new friends and live in a vibrant community with a range of social opportunities, engaging activities, and health care options--all on the same campus.

For Carl and Marie Lillvik, the decision to move to Seabrook, the Erickson Senior Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., was motivated by a desire to provide their four adult children with peace of mind.

Thinking about the future

"About eight years ago, our daughter was visiting from Boston," recalls Carl. "We were sitting in the kitchen when--out of the blue--she asked, 'So, mom and dad, what do you think you're going to do? You're in your 70s. Are you thinking about the future?'" 

He continues, "She mentioned that she had a friend whose parents were experiencing significant health challenges. She saw how hard it was for her friend to manage her parents' care, so she started thinking about how our family would do it."

Carl and Marie realized that, even if their children wanted to help, distance would be an obstacle. "We are a very close family, but we're not close geographically," says Marie.

"Our children are scattered all over," adds Carl. "They have their own families, and we certainly did not want to put them in a 'sandwich situation' where they had to care for both their children and their parents."

Adds Marie, "The bottom line is, we wanted to relieve them of any burdens." 

So, the Lillviks began exploring their senior living options. 

'They don't have to worry'

Seabrook was near the house they had lived in for 40 years, so they decided to schedule a tour of campus. 

"We especially liked that Seabrook was a CCRC," notes Carl. "In addition to the multiple levels of care available on campus, we would have access to top-notch amenities and plenty of engaging activities. Having all those resources under the same roof made a lot of sense."

Since settling into their maintenance-free apartment home in 2021, they haven't looked back. 

"It's given peace of mind to us and our kids," Carl adds. "They don't have to worry about checking in on us!"

An active lifestyle

The Lillviks have also gained an active lifestyle and lots of new friends. 

Carl joined the community's veterans' group and the Resident Advisory Council (RAC), where he serves on the general services committee. He's become very active with the in-house TV station as well, even coproducing a documentary about veterans. He is currently working on a video program about the many services available at Seabrook. 

Marie also joined the RAC, serving on the dining committee. In addition, she attends meditation classes and cofacilitates a writers' group she founded. 

"Believe it or not, we've found time to continue our exercise routines too!" says Marie, with a laugh. "Carl and I walk a lot. I have always taken fitness classes, so I decided to sign up for the classes here. They are excellent." 

On-site support 

Recently, the couple needed to take advantage of the services and support Seabrook offers--a reminder that they made the right decision at the right time. 

"About a month ago," says Carl, "I had a back problem. Marie was out, so I called Seabrook's emergency services team. They were here within minutes to check on me. They called directly to a supporting ambulance company, which arrived quickly."

Carl, feeling better and back in their apartment home, is out and about once again. 

"Our daughter told us that, in light of my recent health scare, knowing we have so many resources available if we need help really does give her peace of mind. Her main concern has always been for us to be happy and living the life we want to live. At Seabrook, we are!"

Home sweet home

Reflecting on their three years at Seabrook, Carl and Marie can't imagine calling any other retirement community home. 

"Initially, we were trying to make things easier for our children, but as it turns out, this has been great for us," says Carl. 

"When I walk into our apartment home, I'm home," Marie says. "That feels really good and right." 

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