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Riderwood's Waiter-Turned-Model Comes Home

October 27, 2011

Sean Eley, Riderwood Retirement Community's Waiter-Turned- Model,Returns to His Job After Walking the Runways of New York Wearing Ralph Lauren
SILVER SPRING, MD (October 27, 2011) -- Sean Eley, a waiter at Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring,  has just returned to his job after walking the runways of New York at this year's Fall Fashion Week wearing Ralph Lauren.
Eley, 22,  arrived in New York on a Friday for a session he described as "frantic." About 40 models were crammed into one room, he said -- 16 of them were  males and the rest females.
Attention was paid to hair styles and makeup. Eley's hair was neatly cropped and he chose not to wear makeup. On his runway appearances, which total about three minutes each, he wore Ralph Lauren slacks, jackets, and men's handbags.
Prepping for a fashion show sometimes takes up to 12 hours, according to Eley. This includes instruction  in walking , hair styling, and  learning to maintain an aloofness from the audience to focus attention on the clothes
Eley started modeling in JCPenny catalogues when he was just 7 years old. His mother had taken him to a Maryland mall and he was spotted by a talent scout. He didn't enjoy modeling much because he wanted to play football with the other kids. He suspended his modeling career temporarily.