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Riderwood's Margaret Hart Has Always Taken "The Road Less Travelled"

October 31, 2011

Peace Corps Volunteer, Marine Fisheries Project Manager, Nonprofit Editor, and Rat Surgeon:  Riderwood's Margaret Hart Has Always Taken "The Road Less Travelled"... And it Has Made All the Difference
SILVER SPRING, MD (October 31, 2011) -- Margaret Hart, the Executive Assistant in the Administration Office at Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring, seems to have lived poet Robert Frost's call to take "The Road Less Travelled." And that's an understatement.
Hart, who lives in Silver Spring, has been a rat surgeon, an auto painting and body shop owner, Peace Corps volunteer, a nonprofit publishing editor,  and a marine fisheries project manager. Oh yes....she has also survived three military coups in Sierra Leone.
"It's been a great ride so far and it's not over yet," she said. "I have learned if you keep yourself open to opportunities then opportunities will come to you."
Hart's incredible life began when she grew up in Sawkill in the Catskills in upstate New York, in a town too small to rate a post office. She graduated from Cornell as a biology major and joined the Peace Corps soon after.
From 1982-1984, she managed a marine fisheries project in Sierra Leone, where women, with children in tow, cleaned and smoked fish. Hart was able to get ovens from Germany, made the process more healthy and safe, and allowed many women to establish their own microenterprises.
Next she was in Alaska, working on fishing vessels that were registered in Poland, Japan and Russia. Then she biked from Seattle to Los Angeles. She got married and had a daughter (who now attends the University of Massachusetts).
She owned an auto painting and body shop, which later went bankrupt but became a learning experience in her life. She went back overseas to Burundi where she taught in a 30-student school for five years and survived two military coups.
After that, she began a new profession as editor of a nonprofit publishing company and later moved to Egypt for three years. She got divorced and remarried, and moved back to California where her son was born (he is six now).
Her job as office manager for a construction company ended with the crash, and then it was back to New York, where she found work as a rat surgeon in medical research.
But she knew she wanted yet another change, so it was back to school for Hart.  She enrolled at the University of Arizona and got her MBA in 2010. She joined Riderwood Administration in January. 2011.
"I keep learning and growing as a person each day," Hart said."