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Riderwood's Facebook Sees a 27% Increase in Viewings During the Past Month

November 8, 2011

SILVER SPRING, MD (November 8, 2011) - Riderwood retirement community's Facebook page ( or ) has seen a 27% increase in readership in the past month. A total of 12,940 people viewed the page, an increase of 2,000views from the prior month. More than 400 people are viewing the page daily.
The majority of traffic (55%) came from email servers, indicating people are referring their friends to Riderwood Facebook through email. The second most common source of referrals came via Google (30%).
This is representative of the power of social media.  It indicates people are using this technology in increasing numbers to learn about retirement.
Riderwood is leveraging Facebook to keep residents, staff, family members, the general public, and the news media informed on a minute-by-minute basis. Riderwood Facebook also posts links to stories about Riderwood published in other media, directing traffic to them.
Any item that showcases an aspect of life at Riderwood is posted on Riderwood Facebook. The campus' motto is 'We share our gifts to create a community that celebrates life.'  Riderwood Facebook is an attempt at sharing collectively in this celebration.
"The beauty of Riderwood Facebook is that it fosters the sense of community," said Mel Tansill, the campus' Public Affairs Manager who collaborates with Dr. Gene Machado, the campus' Medical Director, on the Riderwood Facebook project.  "We are truly blessed to live or work at Riderwood. It is a lovely 'community' in every sense of the word.  If our Facebook page spreads the joy of Riderwood to others, then it will fulfill its mission."
Riderwood Facebook can be updated instantly, articles of interested are being submitted by staff and residents. Turnaround time is fairly quick. The goal is to make Riderwood Facebook as informative and interactive as possible.
Any Facebook member can become a "friend" of Riderwood Facebook.  Each "friend" receives email notifications with every new posting. When Riderwood Facebook was being developed behind-the-scenes it was only discussed informally on the campus.