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Riderwood's Dual County Geography Makes it a Hotbed for Politicans, Especially During an Election Year

March 15, 2012

SILVER SPRING, MD  (March 15, 2012) - Half of the 120-acre Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring is in Montgomery County and half is in Prince George's County. This makes it a hotbed for politicians, especially during an election year. And it makes the upcoming April 3 Maryland Primary Election intriguing..
Riderwood will have two separate voting precincts - one in each county - on Primary Election day. Nearly 3,000 residents and people from surrounding neighborhoods who are in the two voting precincts will vote.
Riderwood's residents seem to relish politics. The residents run their own Democratic and Republican clubs. There is also a resident League of Women Voters group and a resident Voter Information Group that holds registration drives at appropriate intervals throughout the year.
In addition, a resident-run Political Science Lecture Series is held. This series brings in outstanding journalists, diplomats, professors and "think tank" experts to discuss current political and economic issues in the nation and around the world.