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Riderwood Residents Will Vote November 6 in Two Separate County Precincts Located at Their Campus

November 1, 2012

 SILVER SPRING, MD (November 1, 2012) -- Nearly 3,000 residents of Riderwood retirement community will vote November 6 in two separate county voting precincts located at their campus in Silver Spring, MD.
Half of Riderwood's 120-acre campus is located in Montgomery County and half is located in Prince George's County. Residents will vote in either of the county precincts depending on where they actually live at Riderwood.
As the November 6 General Election nears, Riderwood is a hotspot for politically passionate residents, their passion outweighed only by their savvy.
Many of Riderwood's residents belong to one of two resident-run political groups on campus---one for Democrats and one for Republicans.
And though these two groups may hold different political opinions, they both serve as places for freedom of expression.