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Pomegranate juice may help manage blood pressure

October 3, 2012

An estimated 68 million American adults have issues with high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and researchers believe they can help manage it with a somewhat unlikely source. A recent study found that pomegranate juice may help lower blood pressure, the Daily Express reports.

The findings come out of Scotland's Queen Margaret University, and followed subjects who drank 16 ounces of pomegranate juice each day for four weeks. The researchers reported that the participants who drank a daily glass of the beverage not only had lower levels of unsaturated fatty acids, but 90 percent of them also experienced a significant drop in blood pressure.

The findings are just the latest to tout the potential benefits of pomegranate juice. Along with lowering blood pressure, separate research has found the beverage may play a role in lowering the level of stress hormones, according to the newspaper.

Though pomegranate juice may not be the first beverage that comes to mind when one thinks of healthy aging, the findings are not surprising to some experts. Like any other fruit, pomegranates are high in antioxidants, which have been associated with reducing levels of low-density lipoproteins, more commonly known as "bad" cholesterol, according to the Mayo Clinic.